5 Photos Your Business Needs

The magic of digital marketing and social media has really raised the bar when it comes to business photography.  


Most people assume all you need is a couple product photos and a cheesy stock image or two and you’re good to go. But think again! If you want your business to stand out, your photos need to make an impact. They need to resonate with your clients and draw them in.

Does your brand need a photo makeover? I’m here to help! I analyzed a bunch of successful brands and narrowed it down to 5 different types of photos that will take your business to the next level.

You'll need at least one FANTASTIC headshot.


A strong, professional photo of you looking right into the camera. Just you – no cropping other people out! Make sure it’s well lit, you’re smiling, and your eyes shine with confidence.


This is your go-to photo. Use it on Linkedin, your email signature, maybe even your business cards.

Don’t confuse “professional” with “formal” or “boring”. Let your personality shine! Wear your favorite dress, let your tattoos show – be YOU!


Feel free to take it outside the studio. Embrace a background that better suits your brand – nature, a cityscape, or your favorite coffee shop.

#1 Headshots

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Denver photographer, Kasey Grim, is one of the few Denver photographers who specializes in working with entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Kasey loves to work with clients who appreciate the "not so corporate" natural look and lifestyle portrait photography. She serves the Denver and Boulder area of Colorado.