How to use your new photos on social media

You’ve just received your (highly anticipated) photo gallery of new brand images! You’re pumped to get them out there and level up your brand’s visual personality. You love your new photos.


But now what?

Now it’s time to start sharing your stories. Images are a big piece of the puzzle, but how you use them and the content you create to support your storytelling is what brings your photos to life. 


Most of my clients integrate photos into their marketing strategy – specifically their social media.  I’m sharing my favorite social media practices to maximize the mileage you get from each photo.

1- Back them up.

Once you receive your images, back them up. USBs and computers are not indestructible and can be stolen. Saving a second copy of your images using cloud-based storage will give you flexibility and peace of mind.

I like using Dropbox, because I can transfer images between my computer and phone with the app. This lets me easily upload my photos to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

2 – Make a plan.


Plan out your posts as far in advance as you feel comfortable. This lets you be more intentional with your posts. You can arrange a beautiful Instagram grid and coordinate complimentary posts on your other platforms. That way you don’t end up accidentally sharing the same photos or nearly identical content in a row. 

There are many apps and programs out there to help with scheduling. I am an Excel fanatic, so I track everything with spreadsheets. I also use HootSuite for scheduling LinkedIn and Facebook and Preview for arranging my Instagram feed.


3 - Show up as you.

Social media is for being social. People don't want to be pitched to, they want to get to know you. So show them who you really are. Show your face, your stories, your opinions. Share the crazy antics your staff gets up to after hours, the ridiculous tantrums your kids throw, or how epic your last rock climbing adventure was. However you decide to do it, people will love it!


4 - Engage. 


This is the biggest “secret” to social media success. Liking and especially commenting on others’ posts creates community with your peers, followers, and potential clients. It also helps your posts and profile get seen more often. 

Don’t forget to engage when other people comment on your posts too! Liking and replying to their comments is key is building dialogue and creating connection. Remember, there are humans behind your brand. 

5 – Encourage interaction.

Ask your clients to post a photo of them enjoying your product or service and have them tag you. Maybe they’re showing off their new hairdo or their freshly cleaned toothy smile. People want to be involved and feel connected to your brand. Like and comment on their photos to show your support.

Cheers to you for understanding how critical your brand’s visual identity is to your success.


I hope you are excited about your new photos and ready to conquer the world with your social media game!


If you haven't upgraded your images yet, schedule a quick phone call with me here to learn more.

Have a fantastic day!

- Kasey


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