10 tricks to look better in photos

Ready to up your photo game?

I specialize in working with (often camera shy) entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches in the Denver/Boulder area. I help them get past their fears of being seen and create brand photos they can be proud of! 

I've compiled my favorite tips to help you feel confident the next time you're in front of the lens. Whether you're getting professional photographs taken, snapping a group selfie with your friends, or trusting a total stranger with your camera while on vacation, I’ve got your back.

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 Have some fun!

Firstly, I want you to know that you look great!

Really, you do!


Take a few moments to embrace your silly side and connect with your photographer. Fight past the self-conscious feelings and dance, laugh, make funny faces, be YOU.


Even if you feel goofy at first, loosening up like this is truly magic. It boosts your confidence and helps you break through to really show off your personality.

2 – Stand up straight


Want to instantly look better in photos?

Stand up straight. 

Think tall, roll your shoulders back, push your chest out and your belly in. Then relax and shimmy it out. 

Now that you’re relaxed, jump back into a softened version of that upright pose again. Enjoy that confident yet relaxed goodness.

3 – Bring out your best side

We all have one, so make sure you’re flaunting yours!


The most flattering photos are taken at a slight angle, rather than straight on.


Talk with your photographer about which side you love the most and then aim to keep that side closer to the camera.

Angle your body about 45 degrees to the side of the camera then turn your face back toward the lens.

4 – Enhance your jawline

When we’re in front of the camera, sometimes we unconsciously pull our head back creating the dreaded double chin. But it’s easy to avoid!


Just push your face forward towards the camera and tilt your chin down slightly.


You may feel silly at first, but practice in front of a mirror and you’ll see how great this little move can make your jawline look!

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5 – If it bends, bend it

A natural-looking pose is all about looking comfortable. When we’re relaxed, we let our joints bend – elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles. 

Instead of letting your arms fall flat against your sides, hold them slightly away from your body with a soft bend at the elbow. This forms a flattering triangle shape with separation between your body and limbs.


Bending the front knee and shifting your weight to the back leg also creates a more flattering figure.

Remember, whatever you put closest to the camera looks the largest. Use this to your advantage by leaning slightly forward so your head is closest to the lens. This will de-emphasize your limbs and put the focus on your face. 

6 – Squinch

There are two main elements of a genuine smile – the mouth and the eyes. Don’t forget the eyes! They should sparkle and squint just a little, otherwise the happiness will look false and forced.


The squinch – also dubbed the “smize” – is a smooth move to look all kinds of sincere. 


All you have to do is slightly lift your lower eyelids while bringing your eyebrows down a little and voila! Instant genuine look.

7 – Add movement

Sometimes we look stiff because our pose is too stiff - loosen up a bit!

An easy way to do this is to add movement. Try going in and out of a pose to make it feel more natural or just forget posing all together and do what feels right. 

Your body position is SO much less important than your facial expression. If you feel good, you'll look good.

8 – Use the afterglow

Right before the camera clicks, look away from the camera and laugh as big and absurdly as you can - as if being photographed is the most fun thing you've ever done. 

As you slowly bring the laugher down, look into the camera and soften into a real – and flattering – smile.


That’s the afterglow we’re looking for.

9 – Do something with your hands

Suddenly hyper aware of your hands once you’re in the spotlight?

Try loosely putting your hands in your pockets, smoothing your hair, or resting a hand on your hip or by your side.


Or better yet, give yourself something to do. Include activities in your photo shoot that show you in action, doing what you love.

10 – Be YOU

Nobody expects you to look or pose or behave in a certain way. The most important thing is to be confident in YOU. 


No matter how much you practice or pose, nothing will replace the genuine presence that comes out when you’re having fun in front of the camera. ​


Your best strategy is just to relax and be your fabulous self. Getting out of your head will create more natural, spontaneous moments which are exactly what you’re trying to capture.

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There you go! Armed with these tips, you're sure to knock your next photo shoot out of the park. Happy posing!

-Kasey Grim, Fractured Frame Photographer

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