5 Steps to Make Sure Your Photo Shoot Rocks

You know you need new photos, but you're not sure where to start. You want to wait until you're fully prepared and can get the most out of a professional photo shoot.

I get that.


But the truth is, you’re losing so much potential interaction with your ideal clients by not having images that immediately grab their attention.

You can do this. There's no better time than now.

To get you started, I put together a few guidelines to make sure your photo shoot rocks:

1- Choose a photographer you “click” with.

Find someone whose work you absolutely love. When you see their images, you think “I want to look that good, that happy, that confident!”

The photos they take of you will have an impact. They’ll represent your brand on your website, your social media, and your advertising. You need to be excited about it.

Then check out the photographer’s social media feeds and see how they interact with people. Shoot them an email or a direct message – do you feel comfortable in your conversation? It’s essential that you get along well and can relate to and trust your photographer.

Ask about their process, how they work with you to plan your photo shoot, how much inspiration and assistance they provide. If you choose a personal brand photographer, they'll likely work with you to determine the photos you need to best represent your business and take a away a lot of that preparation stress.

2 – Think about where and how you want to use your photos. 

It’s not just the images that grow your business, it’s how you use them.


Make a list of the places you want to use your photos – your website about page, business cards, speaker bios… Think about what content you plan to share in the next few months. What new advertisements do you plan to run? What blog topics will you be writing? What stories do you want to tell on your social media? 

By having a plan, you and your photographer can make sure you get the specific images you want formatted correctly for each use. 

3 - Choose several stories to tell. 

Too often, people only think about the standard business photos. But you're getting these photos to stand out, so you need to think differently.


You are a multi-faceted person. Take advantage of your photo shoot by capturing a variety of your stories. For example, say you own a gym. Not only can we create photos of you working out, we can also photograph you working with clients, preparing healthy meals or meal plans, working on the computer, enjoying yoga or a good book in your free time, or hanging out with your favorite furry friends. 

Your audience wants to relate to you as a person, so show them the many sides of yourself. 

4 – Communicate with your photographer.

This is key. And it’s the reason why I schedule a design meeting before every photo shoot. Your photographer is there to support you and the more you invest in the preparation process, the better your shoot will be.

I’ll walk you through a design inspiration process that includes digging deep into who you are, why you do what you do, and where you want to be. We’ll work together to come up with story ideas and props and locations and all the little details that will take your photo shoot from good to fantastic. 

Be honest here. Share how you feel about your left ear being a little bigger than the right; how your dream photo shoot includes a rock wall, a flame thrower, and blue lighting; or that you have no idea what to wear. We’re a team. I got you.

5 – Trust the process

We will have a design planning meeting. We will talk about your business, your goals for this year, and your adorable golden retriever. This meeting builds rapport and trust and makes your photo shoot 100 times better.

We will take lots of photos. We will chat, I’ll ask you about your passions and what makes you smile. It takes time to warm up in front of the camera and it’s all worth it to get those authentic shots toward the end of the photo shoot. We will laugh. I may dance. We will take great photos.

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