Why your business needs personal branding photography

When you think of branding, you might think of the basics: a clever tagline, a stylish logo, and strategically chosen colors. But the reality is, branding is much more than that stuff - it's the emotional connection you make with your clients. People want to work with other people, not businesses. CONNECTION - that's the secret!

And it's much more important than you may realize. The most successful entrepreneurs build trust in their brand by bringing their own personal touch to the sales process. Sharing sneak peeks and glimpses into your own life will help potential clients feel like they already know you and feel more comfortable working with you.

One of the most effective strategies to instantly connect with your audience and position yourself as a thought leader is through photography. Professional personal branding photography, in particular, allows you to share who you are and show the world that you take your business seriously. Create that connection and magic will happen.

But we're not talking one simple head shot.

Your personal branding photo album should be multi-faceted and tailored to you and your industry. It should reflect the many sides of you - competent and skilled in your art, trustworthy and dependable, friendly and approachable, and even what you are like outside your business. It's photos of you, your team, the behind-the-scenes magic, and the little details that reflect your message.

5 ways personal branding photography can grow your business:

#1 Build credibility and trust

Having branded photographs throughout our website establishes you as an expert and gains more trust from your potential clients. Stock photography won’t ever be able to articulate your brand essence or build trust the way custom photos will.

#2 Attract your ideal customers

Show, don't tell. Humans are super curious creatures. We're more likely to stick with someone when we can put a face with a name or a person with a brand. Personal branding photos allow you to own who you are and what you bring to the table. Make an impression by incorporating them into your marketing materials. By showing your personality, your target audience will find you and relate to you. You'll get to connect with more of the customers that you want to work with.

#3 Up your social media game You know how time consuming it can be to find the right photo for your Facebook post? How many selfies you have to take to get a perfect one for your Instagram? Level-up your social status with magazine-quality portraits. Imagine having a whole album of them to choose from whenever you post online. You'll have so much more time to focus on what you love.

#4 Be memorable

Captivate your audience through visual storytelling on your website and social media. Our brains are designed to remember stories, not data. Use this to your advantage by letting your audience see you in your creative element and sharing a little of the behind-the-scenes magic.

#5 Stand out from the competition

You have an opportunity here to be original and make your mark. Forget the stock photos everybody and their dog is using, nobody can copy you if your photos truly represent YOU. Look the part and stand out as the expert that you are with professional-quality photos.

There you have it!

Are you ready to learn how a personal branding photo shoot can help your business? Check out my personal branding gallery or send me a message below. I'd love to get to know you and hear all about your passions!

Sending good vibes and love,

-Kasey, Fractured Frame Photography

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