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Meet Cassady!

She's a foodie, snowboard newbie, Tai chi practitioner, and aspiring New Mexico retiree. Cassady is a chef-turned-health-coach about to rock the boat here in Boulder Colorado.

Cassady's branding photo session covered 2 locations: an office to give her a professional coach-y vibe and a kitchen where her skills really shine! I had a blast working with this Boss Lady. She is so passionate about what she does that her eyes light up whenever she talks about it.

We captured vibrant images for both her website and advertising materials. Cassady's portraits convey her "business professional" side as well as her energetic personality. Most importantly, her photos express her welcoming, approachable nature to help clients feel comfortable and trust her as a coach.

Cassady's story begins with Arkansas roots. While growing up, her family didn't cook much. Meals were mostly at a favorite restaurant in town. It wasn't until high school that Cassady's step dad introduced her to the world of cooking. They began making family dinners together every Sunday night. But her fascination with the culinary arts didn't really take off until one community potluck. Her vegan stew was such a huge hit at that event that she received compliments from many of her neighbors and even strangers! Cassady was hooked.

Cassady's culinary adventures took her to Boulder, CO for chef school where she fell in love with the town, the people, and of course the mountains. Her tale includes an entrepreneurial cafe adventure, personal chefing, a nutrition degree, and now a new chapter in nutritional health and wellness coaching.

Cassady believes good nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. Everybody can create a healthy balanced diet. She is passionate about helping people lead happier lives by taking control of their health.

What make's Cassady's health coach business stand out is her chef background. She's able to help clients get excited about food by creating dishes for them that meet both their nutritional needs and their individual tastes.

I cannot wait to see this lovely lady's venture take off. Be on the lookout for Cassady Chef Consulting - it's gonna be big.

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