Dog friendly engagement photography session: Boulder, CO

Meet Tori and Tyler. These two love birds got engaged this past December and couldn't be more excited about their wedding.

Tori loves her cats Mowgli and Baloo, playing World of War Craft, watching Parks and Recreation, and of course she loves her fiance Tyler!

Tyler loves his dogs Furryosa and Aremus, playing Dark Souls, drinking vanilla imperial stouts, and is head over heels for his fiance!

These two video game geeks met while in college at CU Boulder, but it took Tyler four years to ask her out. That first date set the pace for their laid-back relationship with burgers and the movie Avatar: The Last Air Bender. The tradition continues - today their perfect evening involves snuggling on the couch with their dogs while geeking out over a superhero movie and Indian food.

After the first date butterflies, their relationship grew as they bonded over video games. One of their favorites was Dante's Inferno. They would sit beside each other and trade the controller back and forth to master the game. That closeness soon led to their first kiss!

Today Tyler and Tori enjoy discovering new brunch spots around the Boulder area. They love exploring Pearl Street Mall, going out for coffee dates, and walking the dogs around the lakes near their neighborhood.

It's these lakes that they chose for their engagement shoot. It's a special place for them with many memories and an ideal location for capturing their love for each other.


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