Front range family photo shoot: Boulder, CO

Allow me to introduce you to the Sorel family. Mom and Dad are Danielle and Marcel and the curly-haired center of attention is Franklin.

Their little one is growing up so fast, they wanted images that capture this stage in their lives - favorite family activities, the faces their son makes, and memories of his tiny-ness.

These guys were a blast to photograph. They played games, read books, and goofed around with each other. And boy did we see different sides of this kiddo! He wasn't really into the whole photo shoot thing, but after a couple meltdowns we cheered him up with fun games and silly faces.

To get to know this adorable family a little bit better, I'd like to share with you some of the stories they shared with me:

First family adventure

The Sorel's most exciting day as a family was their first road trip. Marcel and Dani packed up 2 month old Franklin and hit the road - Utah or bust! This trip meant a lot for them as it was their first big excursion with kid in tow. It set the pace for their active lifestyle full of adventures. This trip was full of firsts, including their first family hike!

Franklin has grown so much since those stroller days and now enjoys going on walks with his Mom and Dad.

Franklin's favorite way to travel; however, is atop his Dad's shoulders with the best birds-eye view a kid could ask for!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Franklin's personality is shining through more and more as he gets older. His parents love how silly he is and the goofy little things he does that remind them of themselves when they were little.

Franklin loves to run around the house with his eyes closed and a big smile on his face. If he can't see you, then of course nobody can see him! He's an invisible little Ninja. Dani did the exact same thing when she was little, hiding behind glass doors where no one could see her.

More fun times ahead

Being reminded of their own kid-hood makes Dani and Marcel even more excited about the fun times ahead. Dani can't wait to teach her baby boy to sing. Soon they'll be belting Coldplay together and boogieing to their favorite songs. Marcel is pumped to share with Franklin his passion for classic cars. He hopes that by the time his son is old enough, he'll still be able to drive one in the sea of self-driven vehicles.

The Sorels are an adorable little family and I'm honored they chose me to preserve their memories.

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