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Meet Melissa.

This lady is fierce!!

She is a small business leader here in Boulder. She created her own marketing consulting business and is taking on the nation. Melissa specializes in implementing automated solutions for conscious companies. She is an expert in creating high-level business strategy for her clients and helping them turn their vision into a reality.

Small business branding photography

This go-getting entrepreneur is currently a one-woman shop but she dreams of growing into a full digital marketing agency.

On her way to the top, Melissa is revamping her brand and needed new photos that really capture her story and message. To do this, she wanted more than a simple headshot - she needed a series of images to use on her website and social media that present the many sides of her personality.

Her first priority was creating portraits that show her as a competent professional and inspire trust from her clients. For these, I gave Melissa simple prompts to make her feel confident and then made slight adjustments in body position to give her a powerful and accomplished look.

We also created images to portray her as an approachable individual that clients would be excited to work with.

Personality filled portraits

Melissa's personal branding session was so much fun! We got to explore the many sides of her personality - not only the strong business woman vibe, but also her outgoing charm and tree-hugging-hippie spirit.

Selecting the right wardrobe and background set the mood, but the key to creating these distinct vibes was our interaction. Rather than putting Melissa in a pose and having her smile for the camera, I had her engaging with me - telling and showing me who she really is.

I LOVE the pink background for these fun portraits. Pink is part of Melissa's brand and the vibrant pop of color matches her spunky personality so well. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other and creating images that showcase HER story.

The Inside Scoop - words from Melissa

What are you most passionate about right now?

"I want to feel like the work I am doing profits back to saving animals or cleaning up the environment. I'm passionate about empowering individuals to better themselves whether it's through yoga, meditation, self reflection and personal development."

Where do you want your business to be in 10 years?

"I see my business going two ways: In one way I would be a consultant informing businesses about high level strategy and what it would take to execute. I'd also offer training in leadership development and be able to help form teams and turn them into high performing marketing teams. The second way I see this going is forming a full digital marketing agency and having a staff of up to 20 people that would build strategy and execute for clients."

What are you passionate about outside your business?

"Outside of my business and marketing I love to cook! Probably because I also love to eat but who doesn’t? I can’t say I have a favorite dish to cook but my favorite thing to eat is macaroni and cheese. I can also talk about macaroni and cheese for a solid 30 minutes.

Aside from cooking and eating I also love to get outdoors and be active. Handstands, yoga, snowboarding, climbing, and camping are all activities high on my priority list.

Also PUPPIES! All the puppies, all the time...I want to play with them all."

What other local businesses do you love and why?

"Precision Pours is my favorite coffee shop located in Louisville. It’s small and quaint with high quality coffee beans and drinks. The outdoor area is adorable and people gather regularly to give a real feel of community. Plus the service is fantastic! They are always taking care of their customers."

The Details

Melissa Donohoe MD Digital Marketing 401-368-7746

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Sending good vibes and love! ​​

- Kasey, Fractured Frame Photography


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