What to expect at your personal brand photo shoot

“I’m not photogenic”

“Good luck getting a good photo of me”

I hear these things from clients all the time. Most people think getting professional photos taken will be like that dreaded picture day in school when you were placed in front of a blue backdrop and forced into an awkward smile.

Let’s fracture that perception right now. I can’t speak for other photographers, but here’s what you can expect when you work with me:

What to expect before your photo shoot:

Get to know you questionnaire

This helps me learn about your business branding, your goals, and future plans to make sure we create photos that best meet your needs. You and I will be a team for your photo shoot, so the more I know, the better!

Easy photo shoot customization

We’ll do this together! At your design consultation (in-person or video chat) we’ll cover everything from how you want your photos to look and feel to how you plan to use your images. We’ll decide which stories you want to tell and then choose locations, props, and outfits that will make you look and feel great. You’ll leave feeling confident and excited about your upcoming photo shoot.

Photo shoot guide and unlimited support

I’ll send you a guide that tells you everything you need to know before your photo shoot. It covers skin preparation, fashion do’s and don’ts, and so much more!

I’m available for all the support and wardrobe assistance you need by email right up to the day of your photo shoot. (Even if you want to text me photos of your outfit options!)

What to expect the day of your shoot:

First, an art project

We’ll meet at your first location. You’ll be greeted with a big hug (or a warm handshake if that’s more your thing). We’ll take a few minutes to look over the props and outfits you brought and review our photo shoot plan that we created during your design consultation.

Then we'll warm up with a fun project I call the Fractured Portrait. You'll get hands-on by creating a fracture pattern in a mirror. Then we'll take crazy portraits like the one above! This project is a great way to get your creativity flowing and help you feel more comfortable in front of my camera. Plus we create some really unique photos!

Then, a relaxed day of expressing who you are

Now the real fun begins! My photo shoots are structured around the stories you want to tell. Each story is tied to an action or activity. Having something to do is key to making you feel more comfortable.

We’ll work through each story one by one, capturing a mix of photos from headshots and environmental portraits to detail photos and action shots. Our goal is to create a diverse album of images, so we will vary up your wardrobe, your hair, add props and accessories, and change locations to create all the looks you want.

Posing instruction

Unlike your school photos, I will coach and guide you the entire time we’re working together. I’ll give you enough posing direction so you feel confident but still look natural and not ultra-posed. We’ll chat, play, and have a good time while I capture authentic photos of your fantastic self. You’ll feel fully prepared and relaxed throughout your session, quickly forgetting that you’re even in front of the camera.

A good time

We will laugh a lot during your photo shoot. My clients often comment on how much fun they had as they’re leaving. Your personal branding session should not be a stressful situation, and if you work with me, it won’t be.

What to expect after your photo shoot:

Light retouching of your photos

I'll carefully hand edit each of your images to best represent you. My goal is to give you natural, timeless portraits that capture your unique personality. That means that throughout my editing process, I will make your photos look as authentic as possible while still making you look your best.

Photo selection support

2-3 weeks after your session we will meet once more for your photo reveal and selection appointment. You’ll get to see your very best images and choose your favorites to take home with you. I’ll answer any questions you have, share advice and suggestions, and help you make your final selections. You will leave feeling confident in your new photos and ready to show them off online that very day!

Added value for recurring photo shoots

Now that I understand your business, how to create the best photos of you, and which images you like the most – we are primed to make all your branding image dreams come true.

Our relationship will make the photo shoot process easier and we’ll be able to create even better images the next time you are ready for new photos.

I offer a limited number of recurring photo shoot contracts to provide additional value. These are available in quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly time frames.

Benefits of recurring photo shoots:

  • Grow your business with customized images for you new marketing efforts

  • Look more professional by keeping up to date with new trends and seasonal changes

  • Stand out on your social media/blog/website with fresh photos

Want to see cool personal branding photos? Check out my personal branding page.

Sending good vibes and love!

- Kasey

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