What your business really needs is you.

That’s right, YOU. The founder, the service provider, the one most invested in what you have to offer. You wear many hats to keep your business afloat, but are you stepping up for one of your most important roles? Spokesperson.

Representing the face of your business is a powerful marketing strategy being adopted by some of the biggest brands around. It humanizes your brand and allows you to form strong connections with your audience.

No matter your industry or company size, connecting with your community on a human level will help you increase engagement and attract new clients. Plus, there is nobody better than YOU at explaining the heart and soul of your business to your audience.

Advantages of becoming the face of your business:

It gives your brand a personality

You didn't start this business to be a just like someone else, so stop hiding behind your computer screen and start sharing more of the personality behind your brand! The sooner you get excited about showing off what you makes you unique, both in photographs and other content, the sooner you will attract your ideal clients. 

A logo can only do so much. Without a face, your brand may appear cold and impersonal to your clients. Connecting your image to your brand will give it an identity and help establish your business as friendly and relatable.

Remember Allstate’s “Mayhem” guy? He’s an example of an engaging character who makes the topic of insurance more interesting.

People will remember you

Research (and my own first-hand experience) shows that people are better at remembering faces than names. This applies to businesses too. Creating a memorable personality will help your customers remember you and set you apart from the competition.

Take the dental industry, for example. When choosing a new dentist, patients are more likely to remember Dr. Johnson who rides mountain bikes and loves dogs than the dentist down the street who relies on only a shiny tooth logo.

You become more trustworthy

Consumers trust other people more than they trust companies. Trust hinges on knowledge and authenticity, so when new prospects are familiar with the owner they often feel more comfortable and are more likely to choose your business and recommend you to others.

If you're going to make a name for yourself in your industry, you're going to have to stand up and confidently declare who you are and what you do. This increases your perceived credibility and authority within your field.

More client interaction

People want to engage with businesses. They want to get to know the people behind them. When your face is part of your marketing strategy, your potential clients will already feel like they know who they’re talking to. This connection is a big factor in consumer decisions and can set you far apart from your competitors who aren’t stepping up from behind the curtain.

Ready to get more YOU in your business, but unsure where to start? Reach out for a quick consultation call, and we can figure out how to best showcase you in your business!

Sending good vibes and love!

- Kasey

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