Whirlwind London Visit - 2017

London was so much fun!! Even in the cold.

I got to visit London for a medical conference in February 2017. I arrived on a red eye flight at 6am and hit the ground running to make it to the first session of the conference at 8am. The first few days of my trip were filled with lectures, jet lag, and lots of caffeine, but soon enough I found some fun. I had two days to play between work events and since this was my first time in the area, I squeezed in as many sights as I could. Here are the highlights from my solo expedition around the city:

Big Ben and Westminster Walk

I'm a fan of Rick Steves ever since his audio guides led me through Italy, so I sought out his audio tours again for a self-guided walk through the Westminster area.

After my history lesson I found myself randomly at the right place at the right time to walk alongside the horse guard parade on their way to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard! The crowd was huge and I'm tiny, so my view was limited. But I followed the guards as they left the Palace to see where they went. Turns out they go to the barracks and do a whole marching/rifle/changeout routine there too! And this time I had a perfectly unobstructed view. :)

Swing Dancing

Swing dancing is my jam, so when I found a live band swing event near my hotel of course I had to check it out! What a blast. I met all sorts of new people, learned a bunch of new moves that I wish I could remember, and thoroughly enjoyed everybody's accents!

This is one of the instructors, love her vintage vibe. And that singer in the background had FANTASTIC pipes. (Horrible phone photo, but it's all I had)

Tower of London

The Tower of London was really really cool, and it's the first (and only) castle I've been in! The dungeon area was definitely my favorite. While exploring the royal arms and armor in the White Tower, I heard a loud noise like cannon fire. I ran outside to see I was right! It was the Queen's anniversary celebration and the Queen's Guard was firing cannons across the Thames.

Sunset walk along the Thames

The big buildings look really cool all lit up at night and the city is still hopping with people everywhere. This Tower Bridge photo might be my favorite - love the motion of the double decker bus.

West End Musical - Kinky Boots

My last evening in London I scored tickets for a musical on West End!!! Kinky Boots. It was fantastic, and so fitting to see it here since the story is set in Britain.

Extra Fun

I met up with some friends who live in Cambridge and explored a few more city neighborhoods with them. This trip was a whirlwind, but I quite enjoyed London and will be back.

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